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Quido balsa electric glider kit R/C



Quido electric glider kit 1070mm wing span balsa and ply construction

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Quido electric glider balsa and ply kit

Quido electric glider kit. Balsa and ply construction with carbon tube tail boom, wing span 1070mm length 850mm, weight is apprx 450g, control by rudder and elevator with motor control by ESC The kit has lazer cut and pre formed balsa and ply parts with a hardware pack included, this is air frame only kit with no covering or electrical parts. There are depron building jigs to aid fast and accurate assembly, the instruction book has clear illustrations of step by step construction but the text is in german but an english version of the instruction book is on the Aero-Naut website ( home page --- downloads -- and click on the build instructions) you will need glue and covering materials  2 x 9 gram servos  150 watt motor with  an 8 inch prop and ESC

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