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Mytus electric glider model kit



Mytus electric glider kit  grp fusalage veneered foam wings ARTF kit

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Mytus electric glider kit 2.2 metre wing span  ARTF model

Mytus electric powered glider  GRP fusalage in white gel coat, balsa tail surfaces pre covered in white film, the wings are foam cored with a GRP layer between the core and outer wooden veneer giving a strong light wing. Wings have the ailerons pre hinged and are covered in white film, vac formed servo boxes and covers are in the kit along with wing joiners and control cables for the rudder and elevator. A clear canopy and vac formed frame/ liner are supplied along with other basic hardwear items Originaly desiged for 600 size brushed motor and 6 sub C nicads -- With use of a modern brushless motor and lipo battery this model perform well from the flat field or an ideal slope soarer for the less windy days Wingspan   2.2 m Length    1.12 m Manufacture Teltech----Czech Republic

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