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Multistar V-spec 1808-2400 KV brushess motor/CW



Multistar V-Spec 1808-2400KV brushless motor suitable for multi rotor/ model aeroplane use. This is a wicked motor for 150/180 size quads.

Multistar V-Spec 1808-2400KV brushless motor CW. Multi rotor motor. This is a wicked V-spec motor for 150/180 size quads.  It comes with a larger 3 mm shaft and bigger bearings for this size motor and it does not get many sync errors as other motors making it more responsive. Ideal for multi rotor use. Max power 175 W  max amps 15.8 Amps  no load current 0.8A/10V    internal resistance 0.078 Ohm  number of poles 12 N/14 P     motor shaft 3 mm  prop shaft 5 mm   bolt hole spacing 12 x 16   Dimensions 18 x 8 mm  weight 29 gram.

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