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Balsa model glider kit PILOT REIHER



PILOT Reiher model glider kit from the 1980s  2.5 meter wing span  all balsa and ply construction

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Balsa Model kit to build 2500m wing span glider for slope soaring or thermal soaring

Balsa model kit to build  2.5 meter span thermal /light slope  glider, all balsa and ply construction totaly traditional build. Kit contains a large amount of pre cut balsa and ply parts, some hardware and clear canopy, the plan is large and has some construction notes on it but there is no insrtuction book with this model. This model is aimed at the moree experienced builder and would not be sutable for a first build due to the complexity of construction. Pilot Kit were manufactured by OK model co in Japan in the 70s and 80s and were of high quality and at a premium price and there for were never sold in large numbers in the UK. This kit although probably over 30 years old is still in perfect condition and will build into a fantastic and unusual retro model

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